Men-U Facial Moisturizer Lift .5 oz.


Up to 20 applications. An aftershave balm and moisturizer in one. Light non-greasy formula soothes and replaces lost moisture to leave skin "talcum powder soft". Absorbs quickly and has matt finish (never shiny!) Reduces redness while it cools and refreshes - giving a lift. �?� Designed as an aftershave balm and moisturizer in one. �?� For all skin types. �?� Ultra-concentrated - Delivers up to 20 applications. ?�Detail Description: Shaving is hard on your skin. Guys need an aftershave balm/moisturizer Shaving can damage or remove up to two layers of skin. There is no other regular activity which causes such damage to the skin - male or female! So it's important to use a high quality moisturiser after shaving. Finish off your shave with men-u facial moisturiser lift, designed as an aftershave balm and moisturizer in one. The non-greasy formula soothes, moisturizes and reduces redness post shave. The ultra-light, oil free formula goes on lightly, absorbs quickly and dries with a shine-free matte finish, leaving your skin feeling talcum-powder soft. It's also great for overcoming that just woken up feeling in the morning or when you need a wake up call for the evening ahead. For use after shaving, after a shower, or at night before bed. Softens Skin and combats dryness - Contains aloe to moisturize and glycerin and silicones to transfer and bind moisture to the skin. Peppermint oil soothes, cools and refreshes. How to Use: Pump 1 to 1.5 shots into the palm of your hand and spread between both palms. Apply to the face and neck area that has been shaved, keeping away from the eyes.