Feather Artist Club Professional Blades


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Artist Club Blades: The ultimate "replaceable shaving blade" series for a professional, smooth shave. The blades come in a convenient, easy-to-use dispenser.

Artist Club Professional Blades: The original and most versatile Artist Club blade. At 0.254mm, it has the most options as a professional barber. From light to thick hair, it provides a clean and smooth shave no matter which Artist Club Razor you use. If you are not sure which blade will work for you, you simply cannot go wrong with this. Available in a 20-blade dispenser.

Replacing blades: Please use Feather Professional Blade Series for replacing blades. Simply pinch the razor head and the blade will drop out. Changing the blade is fast and easy. Please use caution when changing blades. Recommended for professional beauty and barber use only.

SPECIFICATIONS: Designed for Feather Artist Club Razors 50 mm length 0.15 mm thick 1.2 mm blade exposure Comes in 20-blade dispenser Made from Japanese stainless steel Platinum coated for anti-friction Made in Japan Replacement Blades