Feather Artist Club Super Blades


Designed for all Artist Club Razors. This blade is recommended for shaving thick beards and harder hair. It is designed to not pull or pluck the hair as you shave. The wide blade exposure is designed to glide through areas of thickness. The blade is honed and ground with an edge to give a very close shave. The dispenser easily ejects the blade. It is very thin and is snuggly held by the Artist Club razor so it won�??t move while shaving. The blade is platinum hardened and coated to give a smooth shave. Specifications: Blade width: 50mm (length) x 8.2mm (height) Blade thickness: 0.31mm Blade guard thickness: 0.15mm Blade exposure: 1.45mm Blade coating: Platinum alloy and resin Japanese stainless steel Made in Japan Blade fits all Feather Artist Club Professional Shaving Razors Sold in Artist Club Super Blade Dispenser (20 blades) Replacement Blades