Feather Kaiden Shears 5.5K Model Diamond Series


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The Kaiden Shears�?� is the most advanced, razor-technology shears on the market today. It is engineered and designed so you never have to sharpen your shears. Its precision aligned blades are honed with a slight arc to provide a smooth and accurate cut. This is truly a work of art that a true stylist can appreciate. The quality of the Kaiden Shear is superb in quality, craftsmanship and effectiveness. Blades are easily removed and replaced with a new �??safety�?� blade dispenser. So changing blades is an easy, fast and safe process. With this blade system, you will never have to have your shears sharpened again, saving you time and money over the long run. Specifications: �?�5.5�?� Inches in Length �?�Ice-tempered Japanese stainless steel �?�Made in Japan �?�Fits FEATHER?? Kaiden�?� Shear Blades Model 5.5B �?�A Diamond Series tool ?�