• Irving Barber All Chrome Straight Razor

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    The Irving Barber Company is the first to bring you a razor with voids for bent edges breaking double edge blades. No need for rivets with our stainless steel pivoting hardware and molded scale stabilizer. This I.B.C. razor has a magnetic blade stabilizer for helping blades stay in place while seating.

    The weight of our razor has been meticulously shifted for an even, balanced feel, that glides comfortably. Contoured lines allow for a stable and pleasing grip at all angles. With this razor you can use a double edge blade for lineups and touch ups. Additionally, use thicker cartridge blades for a full shave without any extra inserts or adapters. Every blade type used will have consistent blade exposure, so you can edge corners with precision no matter which blade is loaded. Razor comes with 10 Red Personna double edge blades.

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