Kai Captain Straight Black Handle Razor


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This is a professional precision instrument suitable for both shaving and hairdressing. The blade was originally designed for surgical application and features extraordinary sharpness and cutting edge durability. Thanks to the special dispenser system the blades can be safely and quickly inserted in the razor holder.?�?� This is the non-folding version, for those who want a quick load and cut right away for faster results. Cleaning: The razor can be disinfected using ethanol. The razor head can easily be dismantled and cleaned from the inside by rinsing water directly on the mechanism. Do not use "sodium hypochlorite" for disinfecting. Materials Used:?� Made out?�of stainless steel with 2 titanium coating. This razor can use the feather professional?�blades. But also can use the Captain Mild Series Blades (Guard or No Guard) Recommended for professional beauty,barbers and expert use only. Made in Japan