Local Gent Shaving Co. Lime Street Shaving Cream


The Local Gent shaving soap offers a custom blend of quality ingredients to give you a full lather and a clean shave. Using only the finest in soap making materials helps maintain your razors and brushes while keeping your face looking moisturized, clean, and refreshed. This shaving cream will give you a explosion of fast, creamy lather. Loading the brush is made easy by using the lid of the tin to help load the brush. with only a few swipes around the top of the cream, you achieve a full lather in no time. Each has 4oz. rustproof tins has a screw on lid, perfect for taking on the go or safely resting next to your razor stand. The Lime Street soap has a crisp, refreshing, citrus scent like fresh cut lime. It only uses only pure, high quality essential oil. Not only do you get a killer aroma but all its revitalizing properties as well. Overall, definitely one to add to the repertoire of fine shaving soaps in your collection.?� If you ever wanted a lime scented shaving cream, this is it.?� It will pair well with the lime scented aftershave balm. Size: 4oz Made in USA ?�