Matador Close Comb Double Edge Razor - Capa Roja


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Matador Close Comb Double Edge Razor - Capa Roja.

Brand New style and color in open comb for a closer shave. It's a 3 piece milder version from the open comb razor. We have made a new line of razors dedicated to you the customer. NOW Arriving with a travel leather bag and engraved with our Matador logo in the head and the style of the razor in the bottom of the razor. Capa Roja means Red Cape.

The colors were chosen same as the capes a Matador wears during his bullfighting events. There are 4 Capas in total. Capa Azul, Capa Dorada, Capa Negra, Capa Roja ( Blue Cape, Black Cape, Golden Cape, Red Cape) *in alphabetical order Comes with 10 Red Pack Personna Double Edge Blades to give you a great shave. Made in India