Merkur 4-Piece Vision Shaving Set, Brushed Chrome


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�?�?�Time-tested tradition in a highly modern design. �?�?�The shaving set VISION comes with razor (with 10 personna red blades), "matched" brush, frosted glass lathering bowl and stand. Chrome-plated, stainless steel set stands against time and provides years of service. �?�?�Razor VISION with Butterfly-closure and adjustable blade system, chrome-plated matt. �?�?�The practical Butterfly closing system makes changing of blades safe and easy. �?�?�Shaving brush VISION, chrome-plated matt, silver tip. �?�?�Razor, brush and stand 100% Made in Germany.?� (SATIN FINISH) �?�?�Bowl's made in Italy. * We will include a Col. Conk Soap to this order.?�