Muehle M106 Resin Metal Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush


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Silvertip badger Natural hair, the finest material for handcrafted brushes. Its special features are the shimmering silver colour and a black band running through the hair. It is used to make durable, high-quality, unique pieces with outstanding performance qualities. High-grade resin requires expert craftsmanship. The material is turned from round rods and polished. Handles in this design are highly durable and possess excellent haptic properties. Chrome is a silvery-white metal that is processed galvanically. Handles made of brass are first nickel-plated and then refined stylishly with chrome. Combine the brush with a special safety razor (R101) and (R 106) whose design and proportions are in perfect harmony, producing an exceptionally beautiful coupe that also make a good impression while travelling. Size S = 19mm