Parker 22R Double Edge Safety Razor and 10 Personna Blades

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The Parker 22R is a classic! The razor is all metal - genuine brass frame with nickel/chrome plating. This razor provides an incredibly smooth shave when coupled with the RED PACK PERSONNA blades. The Parker 22R weighs 3.0 ounces and is perfect for both new and expert wet shavers!. We believe this razor will rival any on the market for shave closeness and comfort - even those costing much more. The head on this razor has been designed to angle the blade for a smooth and comfortably shave. Don't let the beautiful looks of this razor fool you. It is meant to shave with and it will reward you with a barbershop shave every time!

Features: Butterfly Door Opening Mechanism for Ease of Blade Replacement! Solid Brass Frame for Durability and Rust resistance! Comes with 10 Red Pack Personna Blades! A Genuine Parker Safety Razor Product! Delivers a fabulous shave. Great for both new and experienced safety razor users!

Product Details:

Package Length: 4.4 inches
Package Width: 2.0 inches
Package Height: 1.2 inches
Package Weight: 0.25 pounds