Parker 24C Open Comb Safety Double Edge Razor

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The Parker 24C is a heavyweight safety razor with Parker's open comb head for a close shave! This razor is a smooth shaver! With the included 5 Red Pack Personna blades, this combination will deliver a Barbershop close shave. Many people prefer open comb razors as they are slightly more aggressive than the more popular closed comb models. This is a beautiful safety razor for either your own use or a gift!


Parker open comb head provides an extremely close shave!
Solid brass frame for durability! 4 inch long textured handle for a sure grip - even with wet hands!
3.3 ounces - Heavyweight design, a genuine Parker Safety Razor product!

Product Details:

Product Length: 2.0 inches
Product Width: 2.0 inches
Product Height: 3.0 inches