Parker 82R Super HeavyWeight Butterfly Open Safety Razor and 10 Blades

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This is the long awaited Parker Super Heavyweight Twist-to-Open Razor. It is the heaviest of the Parker TTO line and has the 2010 Parker TTO head! Twisting the knob on the bottom of the razor will open the butterfly doors for blade insertion. This razor is a smooth shaver! 10 Red Personna included.


Super Heavyweight Butterfly Open Razor
The newest Parker design for 2010 - Knob on Bottom to open doors
Genuine Brass Frame and Nickel/Chrome Plated
Provides a Smooth and Comfortable Shave
Sleek Styling and Old World Quality
10 Red Personna Blades

Product Details:

Package Length: 4.5 inches
Package Width: 2.1 inches
Package Height: 1.5 inches
Package Weight: 7 onces