Parker 94R "Hefty" Double Edge Safety Razor and 10 Personna Blades


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The Parker 94R is an outstanding razor. It is a traditional "short handle" 3 piece razor that is extremely "heavy in the hand". This razor's heft and precision is no challenge for the toughest of beards! Comes with 10 New Red Pack Personna Blades. Features: ?��?�?� Brass Frame and Nickel Plated for Longevity! A solid razor - weighs 3.0 ounces! ?��?�?� Classic 3 Piece design for accurate blade alignment! ?��?�?� Standard 3 inch long handle with great balance! ?��?�?� An excellent choice for both new and experienced Safety Razor users! ?��?�?� A genuine Parker Safety Razor product! Product Details: Package Length: 4.4 inches Package Width: 1.8 inches Package Height: 1.2 inches Package Weight: 4.5 onces