Parker 99R Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor and 10 Personna Blades


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Description: ?� The Parker 99R is a heavyweight safety razor with 2010 Parker TTO head for a close, comfortable shave! Twisting the knob on the bottom of the razor will open the butterfly doors for blade insertion. This razor is a smooth shaver! With 10 Red Pack Personna blades this combination will deliver a Barbershop close shave. Perfect razor for those with larger hand or those who favor solid and hefty feeling razors. Great for self or gift! Features: �?� Brass Frame / Nickel Plated for durability! �?� Twist-to-Open design for easy blade replacement! �?� 4 inch long textured handle for a sure grip - even with wet hands! �?� 3.2 ounces - heavyweight design and long handle �?� A genunine Parker Safety Razor �?� 10 Red Pack Personna Blades Product Details: Package Length: 4.4 inches Package Width: 1.8 inches Package Height: 1.2 inches Package Weight: 10 onces