Parker Black Badger Brush with Original Schima Wood Handle and Free Stand


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This brush is handcrafted to ensure the highest quality. The handle is GENUINE Schima wood and the knot is made of 100% Black Badger bristles. Black Badger bristles are noted for being quite firm, yet they hold a large quantity of water -- great for generating a fabulous lather. It includes a stand to ensure you can hang the brush for proper drying to ensure years of use!?� Features: �?� 100% Black Badger Bristles - Firm yet extremely absorbent �?� Genuine Schima Wood Handle - Schima wood is known for beauty yet ability to stand up to water �?� Generates a fabulous lather with you favorite shave soap and cream �?� Includes a Free brush stand to ensure proper brush drying and years of use �?� Hand crafted to ensure extremely high quality ?� Product Details: Product Length: 3.0 inches Product Width: 2.0 inches Product Height: 3.0 inches Product Weight: 12 onces Package Length: 5.5 inches Package Width: 2.8 inches Package Height: 2.3 inches Package Weight: 16 onces ?� *Picture to be updated soon!