Parma Inspiration Pre-Shave Oil


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The Parma Inspiration Pre-Shave Oil is made with exclusive blend of essential oils. Preparing your face for a close shave without irritation while keeping your skin looking and feeling hydrated and moisturized.

Packaged in our 2 oz. glass bottle with dropper making it easy to apply and add to any travel kit.

Ingredients: Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Essential Oils. Applying the pre-shave oil is easy. Use only about a quarter sized amount of the oil in your hand and message the oil into your face, really working it into any trouble spots. Let the oil hydrate your skin as you make your lather. Apply lather right on top of the pre-shave oil with your shaving brush. Make your first pass with your razor going with the grain. You should note that the razor glides through the hairs much easier, without hesitation. You do not need to reapply the pre-shave oil for your next pass.